About CFSM

CFSM is a professional manufacturer and exporter of Casting, Forging, Stamping and Machining Parts mainly for the automotive, railroad, oil and other heavy equipment industries. 

CFSM History

1999 –CFSM was a trader when founded until 2003; 

2003-2005 –CFSM invested in 2 factories to help the customers reduce production cost;

Present Day –With over 15 years experience working in this field, we have built up an enviable & unique knowledge in the market. Besides the 2 braches CFSM owes, CFSM also have some professional partner manufacturers in China and provides all types of casting, forging, Machining, stamping and other metal products for clients around the world. We can use our resources integration to serve you better in a flexible way.

CFSM is rightfully proud of its qualified staff and efficient working procedure. The whole procedure is based on ISO 9001:2008. All the staff are trained about ISO 9001:2008, which assures the good performance of the team in all the aspects.

We are committed to producing the highest quality castings and forgings at the most cost-effective price.  Our customer requirements are many and varied.  Our goal is to meet a wide range of customer needs with consistently high quality standards and reliable, on-time delivery.

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